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FRAZEN 12.2 mm - Semi-static rope


Product specification
Ref. Product name Length Weight Weight Static strength Static strength w/ figure 8 knot No. of factor 1 falls (100 kg) Fall factor 0.3 impact force Static elongation Sheath Slippage Sheath Core Shrinkage in water Material CE Logo Type
kN kN kN 50/150 kg (%) mm % % % EN 1891
2817 FRAZEN 12.2 mm 35 m 105 g/m 3.7 oz/m 30,1 >15 >5 5,7 2,4 0 58 42 0,2 Polyester A
45 m
60 m
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Product description

A new generation of semi-static rope specifically designed for tree climbing activities.

The innovative braided core and the robust 16 carrier sheath give the Frazen 12.2 mm exceptional features of high strength, low elongation, and supple handling.

The 100% polyester structure reduces the effects of humidity, dirt and dust.

Available in different lengths with a revolutionary kind of spliced termination that makes the loop compact enough to pass through mechanical Prusik devices.

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