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IRIDIUM 10.5 mm HEATCORE - Semi-static rope


Product specification
Ref. Product name Length Weight Weight Static strength Static strength w/ figure 8 knot No. of factor 1 falls (100 kg) Fall factor 0.3 impact force Static elongation Sheath Slippage Sheath Core Shrinkage in water Material CE Logo Type
kN kN kN 50/150 kg (%) mm % % % EN 1891
2813 IRIDIUM 10.5 mm HEATCORE 200 m 70 g/m 2.5 oz/m 29,3 18 22 4,9 2,5 0 37 63 1,9 Polyamide 6 A
50 m
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Product description

Semi-static rope manufactured with Heatcore technology that strongly links the sheath and core. The process increases the mechanical features of the rope, prevents sheath slippage and, most importantly, increases safety by preventing breaking of the sheath. It is the right choice for severe applications where the sheath will be stressed by edges, abrasions or aggressive mechanical devices.
32 carrier sheath made from twisted yarns.

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